What are cookies and how does Kiss Fm use them?

In order to give a more personalized service, Kiss Fm uses cookies to gather and store information. A cookie is a small information file which is sent from the server of the Kiss Fm site to the reader´s browser and stores it in their computer. These cookies will only be used by Kiss Fm and it's use is limited to the following purposes:

- Allow Kiss Fm to know who its reader is, and in this way, give a better service, more secure and personalized.

- Estimate the levels of use of the services. For each listener, there is a corresponding individual cookie, this way guaranteeing the privacy and security of the data. The presentation of the statistical data is done in an aggregated and not individual form, therefore not allowing the identification of the reader.

- At any moment, the user can, through his browser, decide to be notified about the reception of cookies, as well as to block the entry on his system. The refusal of the use of cookies on the site can result in the impossibility of access to some of its areas or to receive personalized information.