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The Official Algarve Premiere, August 29th, 2014


The new original posterIt has been a while coming, but it’s finally here. The Right Juice premieres in the Algarve on August 29th at Teatro das Figuras in Faro.

The premiere will be attended by various members of the cast and crew, including the director, Kristjan Knigge, the producer, BJ Boulter and leading cast Mark Killeen, Lúcia Moniz, Miguel Damião, Ellie Chidzey and local legend Beau McClellan.

We are very proud that the Teatro das Figuras has agreed to host the screening and it promises to be full on red carpet event, dripping with glitz and glamour… well it should just be a lot of fun! Join us for a unique opportunity to celebrate the achievement that this film represents. Years of hard work and dedication by so many passionate people has paid off to create a truly independent Algarve story.

Tickets are on sale now, priced at only €6, and can be purchased directly from the Teatro das Figuras.

The premiere precedes the cinema release of the film. The Right Juice will be distributed by NOS Lusomundo in Portugal.

The Portuguese title of the film is “O Sonho Certo”.

 The film is a comedic drama about a 40-something ex-banker who moves from London to the Algarve to re-invent himself as an orange farmer.

Through his quest to find water for his trees, save his marriage and make peace with his past he discovers that simply changing the venue and his career doesn’t deliver the life changes he expects. He finds out that he’s up against all odds but among new friends. In the words of one of the mentors he meets along the way: “Sometimes a man need not change what he does, but why he does it.”