Zayn’s new super sexy video of Still Got Time is the wild party he promised


Last month it was reported the singer had hosted a wild house party at his five-bedroom London home with live animals and ‘scantily clad women everywhere’.

The video has now surfaced and the reports were true, with the video featuring a monkey, a fair amount of nudity, someone skateboarding across a table, and Zayn getting a tattoo.

The video was reportedly filmed from 6pm until 4am, with a source telling The Sun: ‘It was totally wild.

‘There were scantily clad women everywhere, dancing in the pool and in the gardens. The strippers all looked similar, blonde with giant boobs, and the music was deafening.

‘Around 2am they changed DJs and the music got even louder. There were people falling out of the house and staggering down the street.’

A call out for strippers to appear in the video was apparently put out last minute, reading: ‘We need a lot of you. The shoot is today in North London. Stripper girls needed.’