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Medieval Fair of Silves


The Medieval Fair of Silves is usually held in the first fortnight of August, filling the historical center of this Algarve city with visitors and animation. 

Starting tomorrow, the 11th of August,  and for the next ten days, a recreation is made of the medieval period of the former capital of the Kingdom of Algarve / Al-Gharb.

From the moment they enter the city and then into the space of the fair, everyone is invited to live unique adventures that will take you back to other times, the golden age of the city. Elements such as dance, music and poetry are fundamental in this event, noting the diversity of the arts in medieval Arabic everyday life and revealing a vibrant city. 

Two tournaments on horseback per day, exclusive animation in the Castle of Silves, medieval delicacies, dance and animation, a currency of its own, and a children's space take visitors on a real journey through time, where it is possible to have a vision of what the city was once and its unprecedented importance in the history of the region.