To celebrate Women's Day, Active Q Gym is giving you the opportunity to win a gym pass for 3 months
with help from a Personal Trainer and advice with nutrition and all you need to get in shape and stay healthy.

Send us an email to kiss@kissfm.pt to nominate a mum, a friend, a sister...  that deserves to be looked
after and needs a bit of help to get in shape for summer and tell us why you nominate them.

Participations till: March 5th

Double tickets winners to Diogo Piçarra concert, in Albufeira.

Vencedores de bilhetes duplos para concerto de Diogo Piçarra, em Albufeira.

Cristiana Coelho da Silva Ramos
Tiago Candeias
Rafaela Santos
Diogo Caetano
Carolina Varela

Congratulations to the winner Louisa Al Safar.

"My Valentines cocktail is called the 'Flaming Bazzy Dazzler'. It's
named after my lovely hubby, Basil, would dazzles me everyday".