A tour bus carrying German tourists has crashed on Portugal's Madeira Island, killing 29 people and injuring 28 others. The bus, which was carrying 55 passengers plus the Portuguese tour guide and driver, rolled down a steep hillside after veering off the road on a bend.

Portugal's parliament has approved a motion to protect Portuguese citizens residing in the UK after Brexit. Left-wing parties and the People-Animals-Nature party voted in favour and the opposition Social Democrats and the conservative CDS-People’s Party abstained. With around 400,000 Portuguese nationals living, working and studying in the

The fuel strike, which today would have been in its fourth day, has been called off. The announcement that action has been lifted was made earlier this morning in a press conference. It comes after another night of negations between dangerous goods drivers and the national

The Algarve counties of Faro, Portimão and Albufeira are in the top 25 of Bloom Consulting’s Portugal City Brand Ranking 2019, which ranks the best cities in Portugal in which to invest, visit and live. Faro, Portimão and Albufeira ranked in 8th, 16th and 19th respectively. The

A strike by truck drivers has seen thousands of motorists queue up at petrol stations sparking a run for fuel. As a result, dozens of forecourts have run out of fuel, with several towns and cities in the Algarve having already run dry, with unleaded fuel

Photo: Facebook Água Monchique The Água de Monchique bottled water company has made headlines for the way it rewards its workers. Economia Online highlighted the company’s rewards ethics, stating it will be distributing some €50,000 among its 34 workers as a result of last year’s performance. A company